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Cremation in Minnesota

Cremation in Minnesota

Cremation is the process of reducing the body to its organic elements through intense heat. The ashes or remains are then placed in a container, usually an urn, and are either memorialized at a cemetery, retained by a family member, or scattered in a private or public place. (Please note that there are restrictions on scattering cremated remains in public places.)

Cremation has become an increasingly popular choice. People choose cremation for different reasons, including environmental, religious and philosophical. While there is no wrong choice in how you or a loved one would like to be remembered, it’s important to consider what a cemetery can offer before making a decision. See why choose a cemetery.

Cremation Options

If you choosing to memorialize cremated remains at a cemetery, you have several options. Many cemeteries have columbaria, which are special rooms usually inside or near a mausoleum or chapel, comprised of niches or small compartments where an urn is placed. Columbaria may also be outdoors. Cremated remains can be memorialized in the ground, either in a traditional lot or a special lot for cremation.

A memorial or funeral service may still be held to honor the deceased. The service may take place before or after the cremation. If before, the body may be embalmed or prepared for viewing at a service that would take place before the cremation. After the cremation, the remains are usually placed in an urn which may be displayed. In some cases, ceremonies are held when remains are scattered outdoors.

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